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SAP Net 3.0 BW Connector issue since SAP GUI 7.6


Last week I've had a SAP GUI update from Version 7.4 to 7.6.

After this update the SAP BW connector in Power Query in PBI Power Query delivered the following error message:

DataSource.MissingClientLibrary: Dieser Fehler war möglicherweise die Folge von erforderlicher anbieterspezifischer Clientsoftware, die auf diesem Computer nicht vorhanden ist. Zum Herunterladen von Clientsoftware für diesen Anbieter suchen Sie die folgende Website auf, und wählen Sie mindestens die 32-Bit (x86)-Version "SAP .NET Connector" aus:


ClientLibraryName=SAP .NET Connector


Sorry, I've only the error message in German at the moment. In a nutshell: missing libraries for specific appl. software.

I tried to get a fresh reinstall of the SAP .NET Connector (see:

After this reinstall the Power Query editor in PBI client is working again. So far so good.

However, the Power Query editor which can be used/started in Microsoft Excel is still delivering the same error message (see above). I have searched the net for any information about this issue for Power Query in Excel but have not found anything.

If I try to use SAP connector in a PBI session in the web browser then I get the same error.

Any advice how to solve this?

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Hi Andreas,

did you find a solution yet?

I'm experiencing a similar issue with

SAP .NET Connector 3.0.25 (same with 3.1.1)


Microsoft power BI Version: 2.111.590.0 64-bit (November 2022)

Best regards


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Answers (4)

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No need to uninstall GUI 7.7 or 7.8. You need to install

NCo 3.0 with the first option instead of None and your issue will be resolved.

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PBI forum wass not helpful and here also.

So at the end, I ve' downgraded back to SAP Gui Version 7.6.

No everything works fine. 😉

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that's the install msi i've already used: looks like 3.0.24.

As I've already wrote in my starting post. The error disappeared for the Power Query Power BI client application, however not for power query in Excel or PBI Power Query in web.

I seems that the Power Query session started from Excel does not know that the correct libraries are available/or the correct location.

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@schulle-123 did you manage to resolve this issue ?. I'm having the same problem.

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Hello schulle-123

As said, please update the SAP .NET Drivers from the URL -

Note 2547573 - Apply the latest patch for the SAP .Net Connector

as the latest Version is which is higher than

Best Regards Roland