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SAP Mobile Services - Offline Stores

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Hello everyone,
I am an SAP developer and I am recently approaching the world of SAP Mobile Services Cloud Foundry. I have implemented my SAP Mobile development kit (SAP MDK) project on the Business Application studio. I have enabled my external database and offline store name management (test).
On the cockpit SAP mobile services however not don't see the store created.


I anyway configurated the policy of the Offline Store, as the official documentation said.


Could someone help me understand what procedures need to be performed to get that table populated?

Thank you very much

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The highlighted screen displays a list of offline store files uploaded from a mobile app. You won't see any content from the uploaded offline store on the admin UI. Refer to step 6 in this documentation for more details. To access the uploaded store, you need to download it to your machine and use a tool such as ILODATA (see details below).

Currently, the MDK Mobile client does not support out-of-the-box functionality for uploading offline stores to mobile services. However, you can call the mobile services API via the MDK SendRequest ClientAPI in a JavaScript logic to achieve this.

Inspecting the Offline Database Files

  • By default, the offline databases are encrypted with user specific keys that are not accessible.  This means that it is not possible to open the offline database since the keys are not know.
  • During development in your MDK branded client, you can set SecureDatabaseEncryptionKey property to false in the BrandedSettings.json in your .mdkproject.  This will encrypt the offline database with a known key “MDK”.
  • The offline database files can be copied from the client and opened with the ilodata tool to inspect the contents. 
    • iOS: the offline files are stored in app’s documents folder and can be copied from the device using iTunes (Windows) or Finder (Mac)
    • Android: the offline files are stored in the app storage area in the Files directory.  If the device is configured for USB debugging, you can copy the files using Android Studio > Device Explorer and looking in storage > emulated > 0 > Android > data > (your app id) > files
    • When coping files from the device, copy both the .udb and .rq.udb files.

The ilodata tool is included in the MDK SDK download in the tools folder.  More information about using the tool can be found in the documentation

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@Jitendra_Kansal thanks for your reply and for the info sent to me, now I have better understood the services functionalities. 
In order to recap, I would ask you one more question:

SAP Mobile Services - Offline Stores.png
Does the offline stores tab in the SAP Mobile Services cockpit contains records only if the upload is done via Android or iOS SDK? 
In our scenario we are using the SAP MDK available on the BAS (Business Application Studio).