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SAP Mobile push notification, Internal Server Error

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Hello Everyone,

I'm using mobile development kit client to develop a mobile app and wanted to enable push notifications, so I followed this tutorial : Enable Push Notifications in the MDK Public Store Client | SAP Tutorials

I've done everything and at the very last step when i need to test it and send a push notification to my application i have an error : 


Anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance !

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The referred tutorial works fine on my iOS and Android devices (connecting to trial account).

Please confirm the following:

  • You have enabled push settings in your mobile services per step#1.
  • You are using the MDK client from Google Play to test push notification functionality.
  • After a successful onboarding, you were able to receive the "Push Notification registered" message on your Android device.
  • You have a push notification registered under Mobile Push Notification > Push Registrations (for Android push provider and your user name).
  • The issue occurs only when sending a notification from mobile services to your device.

Please provide information on the following:

  • Are you using a trial or productive landscape?
  • Are you also testing push notification on an iOS device? If so, did it work for you?
  • Have you tried on another Android device?
  • Enable a detailed event log settings for push configuration and try sending push message again. Navigate to your app ID > Log Settings > click on edit icon > select Mobile Push Notification




Hello !

Thanks for your answer, i was not able to answer you back before.

I've tried again with another BTP account, not a trial one, and now its working perfectly fine.

Thanks for your time !