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SAP membership & Licensing info required to build SAP Fiori apps that integrates with non-SAP system

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Dear Community,

Synopsis: Build an SAP Fiori application where the end user provides inputs for processing the transactions in non-SAP system and then checks the recommendations generated by it inside SAP Fiori application UI.

We have a solution (non-SAP solution hosted in AWS) which provides recommendations after analyzing the transactions. We would like to develop an SAP Fiori application UI to make the solution features available from inside SAP UI. Once our application is ready, we would like to test, demo and make it available on the SAP Store.


Would we able to do this using SAP PartnerEdge Open Ecosystem : Build membership?

Do we need to procure specific developer license to build the SAP Fiori application?

Would we get access to a test and demo environment under this membership?

Is there any free tier?

Would we need to buy licenses to specific SAP services / modules to develop, test and demo our SAP Fiori application? 


Please guide me on how to go about achieving the above.

Thank You!


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi COG_Admin

With respect to SAPUI5 (the primary technology framework for SAP Fiori), if the app is not intended for an SAP environment (such as BTP, S4, ...), OpenUI5 or UI5 Web Components are options with the Apache license. Refer to the SAPUI5 FAQ at 

The recommended development environment for SAP Fiori is Business Application Studio on SAP BTP - however VSCode may also be an option depending on what you need to do. 

For SAP Partner Edge, you will need to discuss which Partner Program options would suit your needs using the Contact Us form on the Partner Program page at 



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Thank you Jocelyn_Dart for the answer. It will be helpful to me.