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SAP MDO Business Object Type Workforce Person: how to delete extension field(s)

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Hey guys,
we have a working sandbox environment with SAP MDI receiving employee master data from SuccessFactors Employee Central. We're using SAP MDO Business Object Type "Workforce Person 3.5.0", which has a handful of custom fields customized under "Extension Fields". It is all working fine and the employee master data incl. the extension fields is successfully and correctly imported into the Workforce Person object.

PROBLEM: how can I deactivate/edit/delete custom extension fields?
Example: I have added "Nationality" as an extension field under PersonalDetails (sap.odm.workforce.PersonalDetails). Now I'd like to move the field to ProfileDetails where it really belongs to in my opionion. 

Once the field was activated, there is no option to deactivate and/or edit the field anymore. Also the "Delete"-Button in the extension field list is greyed out, so not even deleting is possible.


  • Why is the "Delete"-Button greyed out?
  • What can I do to enable the "Delete"-Button?
  • Why is deactivating not possible (I do not see any action menu)?

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction. I'm really confused here!

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If found the answer myself, which was somehow burried in the details of the very last section in the SAP Master Data Integration documentation under „Business Data Orchestration“ —> "App Descriptions for Business Data Orchestration“ —> „Manage Business Object Type“ —> „Using the Manage Business Object Type App“.

The answer is: once activated, it is not possible to change or delete extension field.

As a conclusion: before adding extension fields, think about an apropriate naming convention and be very careful when adding extension fields.