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SAP MDM Joining tables in console? Help needed.

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I am placed in SAP MDM Project.

Currently, we have an unique requirement.

We, have to join two tables of SAP MDM Console in an unique field

named(House No and PO Code).

Actually, we have a main table named Business Partner and a Flat table

named Address.

Now, we have a field named House No and PO Code(Business Partner) which I have made as unique.

Also, the Field named House No and PO Code(Address) is unique.

Now, my colleague suggested if we can make remote key mapping at the time of import

it will automatically populate the address data for each individual.

But it is not true. Remote Key mapping is a different concept.

If Remote key is mapped with any field of the Main table.

It will show remote key mapping for that field with a remote system.

When data is syndicated back after modification same data is reflected in that remote system.

Only thing that we can do is that make House No and PO Code (Business Partner) as Lookup(Flat) field and it is mapped with the Flat table Address.

Now, the SAP MDM Data Operator needs to select the address manually from say 10,000 address records for a person George Smith in main table(Business Partner).

No other way round.

Please suggest if there is any other way.

Thanks and Regards

Kaushik Banerjee

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I am closing it.