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SAP MDK Push notification not working as intended

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Hello Everyone,

I'm currently working on a mobile application with mobile development kit client 
I've enabled push notifications by following this tutorial Enable Push Notifications in Your Branded MDK Client | SAP Tutorials.

Notifications work within the application, but I don't receive any notifications on my phone's lock screen. Is there anything else I need to do for this to appear on my lock screen?

Thanks in advance !



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Dear Alexandre-G

The tutorial uses the simplest notification that only contains the alert property.

Based on your device OS, notifications are handled differently.

  • iOS/iPadOS: The notification is handled by the app when in foreground, but handled (and displayed) by the Notification Console and shown in the Lock Screen, when the app is in background.
  • Android: The notification is a data message and only handled by the apps notification callback. The callback is only called when the app is active.

So how can you make it visible always?

Use the advanced BTP Mobile Message properties: apns.title/apns.body and gcm.title/gcm.body for your message.

You can send advanced notifications in the Push Desks Advanced Tab

Please also checkout our documentation: