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SAP MDK OnValueChange event issue

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Hi Experts,

I am using a Android based TC72 device which has a inbuilt scanner.

My requirement is, in a page have a SimpleProperty with OnValueChange calling a rule. 

When a user  scans a barcode, I have to show an alert and clear the Input Field for next scan.

Issue : Its working for the first time as expected but second time its still retaining the first scan value. (I am scanning two different barcodes alternatively for testing) So my OnValueChange triggering twice. (one with OLD value and again with NEW value).

My Rule Code inside the default function as below

var scannedValue = clientAPI.getValue();
alert("Scanned Value first time :" + scannedValue + ":");
clientAPI.setValue("", false); // Doing this to stop second call to the event
alert("Scanned Value second time :" + clientAPI.getValue() + ":"); // this is still showing the value




Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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What version of MDK are you using?
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Hi Bill,

MDKClient Version : 23.12.0-002 : 7.1.0


-Madhavi Beedam