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SAP MDK application login with ADFS in internal network

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I have developed an application with SAP MDK that will run on iPad. Authentication occurs via ADFS. By opening the application I am correctly redirected to the welcome page and I log in correctly. However, the customer uses devices with a dedicated APN and the login does not take place from the welcome page but a popup should appear. In fact, when launching the web application from the browser the popup appears correctly. Therefore, by launching the application from devices with a dedicated APN it is not possible to log in as a blank page is displayed without any pop-up to enter the credentials.

How can I enable the display of the popup during the login phase?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You can enable EnableOverrides property to true in the ConnectionSettings block in BrandedSettings.json.

This will allow user to either proceed with current connection settings or scan a new on-boarding QR code.