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SAP MDG Custom Solution Data Model for HR Master Data

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to implement HR master data in MDG, for which we don't have a standard  out of box content from SAP hence, we need to built a custom scenario including the data model for this, but how exactly can we map the info types of HR master data in a  MDG data model?

Any inputs will be useful.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Ashu Raj,

Could you please share how you resolved this. we are planning for the same solution.

appreciate your help

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We looked at this in one of our projects and I would not recommend that at all. HR/HCM has a different set of techniques to validate and process data. SAP's solution for HCM is called HCM Processes & Forms.

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First thing: Will this be co-deploment or a stand-alone MDG hub? If the latter, do you plan a reuse data model (writing into the HR tables via API) or a flex model (where you then need to recode the checks and create the necessary IDocs)?

For creating a new data model, there is extensive documentation in the Online help and also some guides in

Assuming a Reuse data model: From my experience, the hardest part is usually to find the necessary APIs to update the backend tables (HR master data in your case).

Then the data model is usually cut somewhat along the lines of the API structures, keeping in mind also UI requirements (UIBBs only contain attributes of one entity).

Good luck, Ingo Bruß