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sap.m.table and scroll container

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Hi All,

I am working on a sample application. and I am using sap.m.Table with growing feature and growingthrshold=4 growingScrollToLoad=true . This is working fine.

However I need to Fix the table header. I followed

But nothing seems changing. Below is structure in view file

1. Page --- tried setting enableScrolling= false. [Because enableScrolling=false.. Even the First tab contents are not scrollable]

2. IconTabbar : It has two tabs

3. IcontabFilter : History tab is contained here

4. Table. History table is here

I have surrounded Table within iconTabFilter with scrollContainer and provided height=80% to scrollContainer . But no scroll bar appears.

Any pointers will be helpful. SAPUi version is 1.28




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Answers (1)

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Do you want column headers to stick ?? if yes check out this property of sap.m.table ..



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Yes but this property is avaiable from 1.54 and I am bound to use 1.28 version

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Two things :

first of all always be updated .. dont restrict the sapui5 lib to specific version .. design your code which should be version independent.

And Second the link which you have mentioned in your question is not the correct way of implementation for this its just a workaround , I also did the same for one the client past 2-3 years back. it increased the maintenance as there are two tables involved ..

But if you don't want to change the version than go ahead with the you link shared solution ..