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sap.m.ComboBox issue in iPad SAP Fiori Client

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We have used combo boxes in our SAP Fiori custom applications developed in ui5 using XML views. They work fine in the Laptops and Browsers. But in iPads when we start typing letters in the combo box field, the remaining suggested letters gets auto selected and edit options to cut/copy/paste are automatically appearing for the auto-selected text. This is happening in both the safari browser and SAP Fiori client in iPads. Sometimes the entire combo list is displayed blank after we start typing alphabets in the field. I'm using SAP Fiori client 1.4.1

Did anyone face similar issue ? Is it a known issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Kavitha,

I think there is no problem in your coding Because it is working fine in laptop and deskop.

Problem in SAP Fiori Client ( IoS platform).

If possible, use sap.m.Dropdown


Karthik A

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Right, but we cannot use dropdown as we need the search (suggested items) option