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SAP Lumira Designer/Story/Aspect Ratio - has anyone seen this possibility/bug?

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Hi All,

hopefully someone has come across this and/or knows how to replicate, (or if this is planned for development for future versions), but I wanted to present something that happened accidentally and something that we really want:

To present the challenge, one of the biggest gripes about Lumira Designer is the fact that is doesn't scale well with the page size. As a result, you need to play around with the objects, making sure that they have a dynamic layout, able to react to size readjustments, etc etc. Adaptive layout is great when moving the items on the screen, but unless I am wrong, the situation described below is not a part of standard functionality.

What would be great, if we can make a dashboard using the Designer, but then give it the capability to scale/stretch to screen size, the way Discovery stories are able to. It seems to be possible through a bug, but we haven’t found a stable way to replicate it.

So, first off, these are the desired dashboard requirements:

-Have 1 application object

-Have 1 or more data source that are driven from BW queries and have variables that are populated through

-Have a pre-formatted layout

-Have ability to change the aspect ratio with the page (scale)

The composite objects don’t like live BW queries and don’t have an option to populate values “on Variable initialization”

Somehow, through a lot trial and error, I was able to simulate exactly what I we are looking for, but have not been able to determine exactly how to replicate it.

So, here is the situation:

  • 1.Created a new LUMX document on a server and added an application to it.
  • 2.Added a story page
  • 3.Added a query as a data provider (this one is a master data query so it doesn’t have variables)
  • 4.Added a crosstab to show the query output
  • 5.Set the default application to be Lumira Discovery Application

As expected, the output that I received was the standard Discovery story view. My application was ignored, and yet the Data Source WAS available. If I make changes to it and added anything to the canvas, the LUMX document adds a composite component

But, here is something that happened twice so far that I am still trying to determine the cause:

After adding/removing a few components to the APPLICATION, saving and Synchronizing with the BI Platform, it does exactly what we are looking for, but HOW?

Copying the document and re-executing it sends it back to Discovery

Executing directly on BOE platform sends it back to discovery.

Yet, below is exactly how we would want the dashboards to look:

any thoughts? Looking through XML Code, there is absolutely no difference between what is saved locally vs what is saved on BI Platform, and I can't figure out how to make this on demand



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



the approach is the following:

  1. create a new document
  2. add data source to application as desired (variables on startup work as well)
  3. build the application as per requirements, but make sure that you add the story page first.
  4. change the default application to the Lumira Discovery Application
  5. sync with BI platform and launch - standard Discover screen should show

here is how to fix

6. go to the document properties and lookup the URL. Add the following to the end of the URL: &APP_TO_LAUNCH=APPLICATION with the APPLICATION being the name of the internal app (substitute if you have a different name)

7. Launch the URL

Example is below. There is no ability to save, no design buttons, and yet aspect ratio changes are there!

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Pasha,

am having exactly the same requirement, question on this: how do we execute the new url from BI Portal? Is there any other way we can achieve the same without making url change?