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SAP Lumira Designer SDK (Simple Link)

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I finally got the SDK and samples working with Lumira Designer 2.

I have looked at the SAP SDK PDF for Lumira Designer and Your First Extension: Part 1 – Project Creation 2 3... Both have helped me get up to speed on developing my own extension. However I'm use to developing HTML with javascript and jquery but this does not look like I have the same freedom I had before. For example I could write some simple HTML then use CSS, javascript and jquery to manipulate the base HTML. Am I correct in assuming I have lost this freedom or is there a good sample out there that shows how to accomplish this (write some simple HTML then use SDK's CSS, javascript and jquery to manipulate the base HTML)? I'm trying to create a simple link that I can update with

URLLINK_1.setLink("file://///networkserver/filename.pdf", "File");

that would set a tag with:

<a href="file://///networkserver/filename.pdf">File</a>

Thanks. All of SAP links strip out the use of "file://///networkserver/filename.pdf"

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