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SAP Lumira Designer modify data from chart using code (dynamic calculations by code)

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Currently we are connecting the application to universes, as you know when you Edit Initial View it is possible use dynamics calculations in some cases but when we are using universes are not possible.

In our case we receive some data from each year:

year - amount

2000 - 7

2001 - 4

2002 - 6

2003 - 3

But in our Chart we want to use the accumulate for each year:

year - amount

2000 - 7

2001 - 11

2002 - 17

2003 - 20

Do you know if it's possible to do it by code?

selections = TEMPS_VIDA.getDataSelections({
	"OBJ_35": "?",

selections.forEach(function (selection) {
	//modify the entrance date with the accumulate and then assign to the char

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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you can't do analytic calculations in scripting. The API getDataSelection is only intended to access the already calculated data - and not to modify it.

But what you want to do sounds like a "running calculation" - which should be possible directly in the Universe. I'm not a DSL expert, but I'm sure that you can define such a calculation in some of the BO tools.



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