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SAP Lumira data retrieving over RFC

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Dear experts,

Does anybody know whether is possible to retrieve data from SAP ERP not over Infoset but over RFC FM call?

Look - on ERP logon screen we have a Button "Addtional parameters"

There is a field: function module wildcard. Who knows what is it?

I tried filling it with  BAPI_USER_GETLIST - nothing happened actually,.

I just thouht - once Lumira uses SAP JConnector, why can't we retrieve the data not from Infoset but from RFC FM directly?

I've created also a new idea for that. Vote if you like it.

SAP ERP Data retrieving over RFC : View Idea


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Hi Petr - you could create a universe against the function module, and then use Lumira to report against that - see

Personally, if I were going to report against a function module, I would use the universe - reporting directly against a function module might look complex to an end user in Lumira.

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I agree, Tammy,

I forgot to mention - now we speak about the case when we don't have a BI system.

I mean the client used to work in SAP ERP, and the cost of purchasing SAP Lumira is quite lower than BI + BOBJ installation.

So ALV Grid - is the only report tool we have now.

In this case we can build an infoset and to retieve data by using it right now to create a report in Lumira.

However infosets creation is rather more difficult task than RFC FM creation when you already have working logic.

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Hi Petr - understood about no BI system.

For ALV reporting, Crystal can use ALV as a datasource (if you are interested)

As for Lumira and the function module, thank you for posting your idea.