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SAP landscape with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems

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We have a 32-bit DEV SAP system. We intend to install a 64-bit QAS and PROD systems. Does anyone have experience with such configuration? What do we have to be aware of?

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. We would inform our application programmers about these issues.

Best Regards,

Orna Inbar & Oren Harlap

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Hi Orna,

There shouldn't be any problem since:

First of all, since SAP binary releases are uniform accross platforms, and in fact you can have both 32-bit and 64-bit platform instances in the same system (SID). Furthermore, you can have your DB server on a 64-bit platform when your app. server is on a 32-bit platform, as well as the other way around. All platforms retain the same functionality with regard to the way they perform ABAP, RFC calls and other SAP APIs (unless of course there's a bug).

I'd suggest you be careful and check that if you have customer ABAP programs that depend on receiving data from non-SAP sources, that they perform the same on all platforms with regard to the endianess of your platforms. Please refer to on the various types of endianess.

However, since SAP has different multi-byte and UNICODE codepages for little-endians and for big-endians, I believe even this difference isn't a problem with SAP programs. For example, 4103 is UNICODE little-endian and 4102 is the big-endian variant, and both can't exist at the same time on one system. Just make sure your programs don't rely on multi-byte strings of a specific kind, since this might cause different results between systems.

Best regards,