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SAP LaMa installation and configuration

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HI folks,

I am new to SAP LaMa and need more details for standard/enterprise edition in LaMa.

Please help me for pre steps and installation and post configurations activity list.

we have total 200 + SAP Systems and we want include all under LaMa later.



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How to use LaMa for host server reboot ? Do we have an option for host reboot like start and stop ?

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Hi Suresh,

that's a broad topic, here's a rough overview of what needs to be done. Please find the details in our Help page:


- Install a SAP NetWeaver Java 7.50 min SP15 (might change with later versions of LaMa)

- Deploy the .scas from the marketplace using SUM


- Run through the Configuration Wizard of the NWA


- Restart the NetWeaver

Managed Systems:

- Update SAP Host Agent on hosts of managed systems

- Install SAP Adaptive Extensions
-> Installation of SAPACEXT: 1759181

- Ensure sapadm pw is available or the authentication via X.509 certs is set up:



Start with the LaMa config:


For the first few systems, it would make sense to use the following method:

Detect using host and instance agentsSAP Landscape Management directly communicates with the instance agent to retrieve the instance information from the landscape. The instances found are directly configured in SAP Landscape Management.

To add the rest of the systems I see following options:


Provide the information of systems to be added to SAP Landscape Management in a json file and make use of the REST API. The REST API is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Virtualization Manager:

SAP Landscape Management searches for new hosts available in the virtualization manager.

SAP Landscape Management Landscape scanner

You can set the automatic landscape scanning attribute when configuring SAP Landscape Management using the configuration wizard or when configuring the engine settings. The landscape is automatically scanned for newly added host and instances based on the attribute set. The number of instances detected is shown in SAP Landscape Management under Overview.

It definitely makes sense to involve a consultant to start with the LaMa implementation.

Feel free to reach out to me.

Best regards


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well summarized , Sebastin. In fact, I drafted blog on same topic with high level details/screenshots and its under review.