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SAP Jam Integration with SAP Cloud Platform Portal

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Dear Experts,

I want to integrate our SAP Jam Developer Tenant with our SAP Cloud Platform Portal Site to use the knowledge base function of SAP Jam Groups. I used the SAP Sample Appliciaton for creating service requests (here).

I followed these guides to integrate SAP Jam:

At first I deployed the application on SAP Cloud Platform via SAP Web IDE. This step including the C4C-Integration (Create Service Tickets) works fine. Then I set up the trust configruation and the destination seetings for SAP JAM on SAP Cloud Platform as described in the guides.

In my understanding, these are all necessary steps that are described in the guides. If i check the connection in SAP Cloud Platform I get a HTTP 200 Response "OK" (2018-10-01-1530.png) Unfortunately I still can not call the SAP Jam Tenant afterwards (2018-10-01-1446.png).

Did I forget something? Or is there any other procedure? Maybe I have to extend the coding in SAP Web IDE with some properties?

Thanks for your help.



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