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SAP J2EE Instance

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Hi All,

I programmed a simple Webdynpro application which consists of only one view which has to take data from an SAP backend using a BAPI call and show the results on the screen.My problem is with "Deployment" of the application.Up to now, I got some answers but each time another problem occurs, and I do not see anything in the console written as answer before.My problem is, I do not know how to maintain the SAP J2EE Engine instance etc.My questions are:

1) How can I find out if the SAP J2EE is installed in remote host or local host?

2) If it is installed in remote host, how can I fill out the fields "Message Server Host" and "Message Server Post" for this remote connection(under Windows->Preferences->SAP J2EE)

3) If it is installed in local host, how can I  fill out the fields System Name, J2EE Instance, SCS Instance

4) Let's say the BAPI I am using in my model class is from a SAP system named  XYZ. Do I have to do anything in this system(start stg. etc) before I can deploy my Wbdynpro application?

I would appreciate any detailed!!! explanation for a new comer or a reference document which really explains these subjects.

Kind Regards,

Sükr Birakoglu  

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Hi Suekrue,

1) Did you install your SAP J2EE locally (on your own PC, Laptop) or did you install the Developer Studio on your PC and the J2EE Engine on a different one (remote)? That would be the answer for Remote or local host.

2) Please insert the remote machine name (hostname) within the input field above Message Server.

3) If you installed the J2EE Engine locally please click on "Default" under Windows->Preferences->SAP J2EE and the local host name will appear under the remote connection field. Please click apply and the engine works.

4) The SAP system needs to be up and running during importing the model, and of course if you would like to test the application, otherwhise you would not get any data. During deployment the system does not need to be up and running.

Hope that helps!