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SAP IRPA 2.0: Importing a library to Cloud Studio Custom Code

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Case: I have a bot in Desktop Studio and want to rebuild it in Cloud Studio. (not just import, I want to have the same bot with opportunity to modify it in cloud studio)

The global problem/question:
How can I import libraries in my custom code in Cloud Studio? Is it possible?

Local problem/question:
During the process of realizing my desktop project (made in rpa 1.0) in cloud studio I faced the problem connected with custom code.
In a desktop bot there was the following string:
"var coreApp = ctx.excel.application.getObject();"
Trying to use it in cloud studio I faced the error that ctx was not defined. ctx-error.png
Unfortunately, I didn't find any way to import libraries in cloud studio custom code, so the only one idea I had was to use irpa_excel, irpa_core and their functions.
It was unsuccessful. I didn't find functions which return the "object" data type. Possibly, someone can help me to solve this problem via some other steps.

One more question:
Saving as csv.
The last action of my desktop bot (last step in scenario) is saving results in csv file.
Is there any opportunity to write directly in csv? If yes, how can I do it?

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Hi !

The ctx library is the library created by SAP for the Desktop Studio.

In the Cloud Studio, the same library is called irpa_core.

For now, it's not possible to import an external library in the Cloud Studio. In addition, importing the ctx library will not work as it's a complex library coded especially for the Desktop Studio.

I recommend you to find another way to do what you want to achieve, as for now the getObject() function is not available in our irpa_excel library.

Thanks a lot and best regards,