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SAP Interactive forms and Guided procedures

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I have a requirement which has come up and is as follows

1) An offline interactive form is to be designed with has fields in it which gets populated from ECC. The form is to populated periodically to check if there are any new values for fields which mite have been added in ECC. The offline form can be sent to other people not in network who will fill it and send it over email back to client.

2) The client person would then submit the form which would then take the values from the form and submit them for approval. The approver can reject the form or approve the form.

If rejected, an email is to be send out to an email id with details of object for which data is entered

For approval , the approver can either just approve it or can do a approve and post to SAP. Both options should be with him

On approval in both ways an email should be sent out to an email id with details of object for which data is entered

I have the below questions ,

Point 1 ) How to design the offline form to get prepopulated and saved at some place. Is it the same as normal webdynpro form ?

Point 2) I have seen the guided procedure example where in on Submit , interactive form passes data to GP. This is fine by me.

My question is,

a) should the form type be (.xdp). can interactive forms directly pull data from SAP using GP ?

b) How to have two buttons for approval one for just approval and other for posting to SAP. How can we do posting to SAP from GP . Should i call a RFC and pass the values and if so any examples.

Appreciate if some one can help me with the steps in sequence as to what i should be doing?

Also if any examples are there i would appreciate it thoug i have seen most of them

lastly, would there be any licensing issues with Adobe for saving the data entered or anythign else ? What is the difference between Composite forms and Interactive forms . Can both be enabled at the same time for GP ?

What is the intial configuration required for activating GP with interactive forms ?

Would i require NWDI for this development ?

Lots of questions from me, appreciate if some one can guide me .



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Appreciate if any one can guide me.