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SAP Integration Suite - XPath check beginning of payload

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Hello Experts,

how can I check using XPath the beginning of payload (XML) in Route ?

I have 2 method, 1-st start with "<n0:SendOrder", 2-nd start with "<n0:GeneratePrintOut"

In route I have to check which had called and redirect to corresponding receiver.


<n0:SendOrder xmlns:n0="" xmlns:n1="" xmlns:n2="" xmlns:n3="" xmlns:prx="" xmlns:soap-env="">


<n0:GeneratePrintOut xmlns:n0="" xmlns:prx="" xmlns:soap-env="">




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You have to declare in the iflow the used namespaces here:


The notation you can read here:

The proposed solution of the previous reply woulds work, too. However it's more expensive as the whole XML node is parsed. If this a high volume interface, it's recommended to make an absolute addressing.

BR Helmut