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SAP Integration Suite; Iterate over Value and write it into other Value in Message Mapping

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Hello together,

i have an issue regarding the message mapping.
I want to map every single value of "name" into Produkt1,Produkt2 and so on. 



Is there a way to get the solution through a combination of node functions? I already tried nearly every combination but i didnt get any working solution.

The results from the simulation always are like this but i need different values for every produkt entry.


Thanks in advance. 

Best regards

Filip Agatic

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello-It's not to me what the target payload is. Is there a 1:1 relationship between Name and Produkt? Can you show a mockup of what you expect the target record to be?
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Hello Marty,

i have now made a dynamic mapping with xslt script and one static as i have replied to Ryan. Now i just need to combine the two messages and then i would have the solution.

best regards