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SAP Information Steward - SAP ECC profiling failing due to time out error

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Hi Experts,

We have a requiremenmt to profile the Notificatiosn data in SAP ECC. As part of this we created a view joining QMSM, QMEL and QMMA tables on which the rules are applied. The Execute in Background option in SAP Connection is set to 'Yes' (doesnot matter as this functionality is not part of SAP Information Steward 4.0.

While running the rules we are getting the below error:

RFC CallReceive error <Function Z_AW_RFC_READ_TABLE_FILE: RFC_ABAP_RUNTIME_FAILURE-(Exception_Key: TIME_OUT)- Time limit


I had a look into the SM50 and have seen that the IS job is executing in Dialog mode in spite of specifying the Execute in Background option to 'Yes'.

I then had a look into the IS Admin guide which says as given below regarding the Execute in Background option:

I showed the same to Basis guy and he is unable to understand the second statement in the screeh shot.

Please could you let me know how to setup a user for batch processing such that any job pushed from Information is executed in background mode and not in dialog mode.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Sudheer,

Since IS 4.0 won't allow you to "execute in background (batch)" then you might have two options. Either you could use Data Services (or other ETL tools) to stage the data, or you would have to upgrade Information Steward application. I am running on Information Steward 4.2 SP5 version and it does give you the option to use that feature through the Central Management Console under the connections tabs. Since you have 4.0 version I know 4.2 version and 4.1 version lets you select it.

IS 4.2 CMC connection set up

IS 4.1 admin manual entry about execute in background

If that is not the option I think the fastest way would be to stage the data and then do the profile on the DB table as that would eliminate the 1 hour and would make the profile run much after.

Again its pretty much what options you can use, either stage the data or upgrade the IS application to a newer version.

Hope this helps.

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I always (recommend to) stage all data with DS:

  • much better performance
  • much less impact on operational systems