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SAP IDM custom Job trigger / Schedule question

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Hi All experts!

Can we set up a job to trigger when an attribute is modified in IDM? While I know we can create a custom job with a scheduled frequency, such as every hour, I'm specifically interested in having the script run automatically just once when an IDM attribute is modified. I've experimented with 'On demand', but it seems the job requires manual triggering.

Can we establish a schedule that, once selected, will execute once an then cease? If yes, how to setup the MC_SCHE_RULE table and MC_SCHED_ITEM?

Any insights or suggestions on this matter would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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I don't believe you can achieve this with schedule rules alone. What you could do instead is create a process with an action task that internally uses internal function uRunJobNow to run your job. Then assign this process as a "Modify Attribute Process" to the schema attribute.

Keep in mind, though, that this might trigger your job very, very often, depending on the frequency of changes to your attribute. Situations can easily arise where changes in quick succession try to trigger your job while it is already running, which will result in an error from uRunJobNow.

A better solution may be to schedule your job to run periodically -e.g. once an hour- and check in the job's logic itself for the most recent modifytime of your attribute using a query on IDMV_VALUE_BASIC. If any of your attribute's values was modified less than an hour ago (i.e. since the job last run), do something, otherwise do nothing.

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Thank you Lambert-giese, This aligns with my own thoughts.