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SAP HXE Binary - Error Resolving Host Name

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I am installing the SAP HXE 2.0 on SLES12SP2 server using the binary installer. I have successfully downloaded and extracted the 'Server only installer' and 'Applications' packages. Next I am attempting to install the actual HXE application and run immediately into an error as it pertains to host name resolution:

Start reading from input channel...
... Done.
Running in batch mode
  Cannot resolve host name 'linux-374a'

Log file written to '/var/tmp/hdb_HXE_hdblcm_install_2018-01-' on host 'linux-374a'.

Failed to install HDB server.

I am not a SLES and/or Linux expert but would like to understand how to resolve this and learn in the process. Can someone help me and point me to what I must do to get this resolved?

Note: I googled the issue as well a looked on this forum but cannot find a resolution direction.

Thanks in advance for any support,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


I have found the answer in the SLES Administration guide: using YaST I assigned the hostname to the loopback IP.

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