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Requirement is data needs to be extracted from S4/HANA system to BW4/HANA. We have a plan to develop CDS views and it will be consumed through ODP/ODQ by BW4/HANA system but DATA will flow trough ABAP layer. my question is, is there anyway data extraction done DB to DB to avoid ABAP layer considring performance. Please help.



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Hi Jay,

If it's only a performance question then go for the DB to DB transfer. But you will miss a lot of functionnalities. On the ECC side : no possibilities to use the standard extractors (ODP, CDS etc.), no access to the ABAP layer (standard function module etc.). On the BW side, I mainly think of the delta functionalities (standard in BW DSO).

If you go that way what will really be the use of the BW ? Why won't you go for a SQL Hana DataWarehouse (build all your DW with Hana tool).

So, I have no definitive answer, it all depends on your requirement that may vary depending on the data flow (and here comes the hybrid scenario). You may have data flows for which performances or real time is critical (go for for a DB to DB transfer) and you may have others for which the ABAP or BW layer brings a needed function (then go for BW data flow).