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SAP Hana Questions

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Hello Friends ,

Hope you all doing good . I need help answering these questions please.

1)How can you evaluate the actual speed of a calculation within a DB?

2)  how to add external attriibute ?

3)How do you verify the quality of hana ?

4) What needs to be done if you have to report a calculated attribute based on a Store Open date to find

how many stores were open on a selected day?

5)How to check the time spent for a calculation in hana DB?

6) What are the advantages of BO Analytics ?

7)  Benefits of BO explorer?

Thanks a lot.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hmm... a lot of questions and most of them actually require more details.

For 1): well - how about checking how long your query takes? HANA studio and the hdbsql tool display the amount of time required by the HANA server to process the query once it finished.

Is that what you ask for?

2) What do you mean by "external attribute"?

3) HANA for sure has a lot of qualities - what exactly do you want to have verified?

If you're referring to quality of data then keep in mind that HANA is a database - not a data warehouse.

For such things SAP BW on HANA would be a good choice.

4) Well, I'd say you modell this into an analytic view or (if required) into a calc. view!?

5) That sounds a bit like question 1) to me...

6)+7) better go ask BO sales staff 😉

cheers, Lars

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi ,

Lars has address most of your questions again more detail would be required on what your business requirements would be, but on point 6+7 (Not a BO sales person )

6 When you talk about BO Analytics, are you referring to Analysis for Office and Analysis edition for OLAP? If so the first is an addon into Excel and Power point which gives you the slice and dice functionality when analysing BW or HANA data. The second is a web based version of the tool with similar functionality and has some additional sources you could use for example SSAS

7 Explorer is a Google type interface where users analysis data by guided navigations and ask questions like what are my top 5 selling products per region, it has a very visual interface which users love. Explorer supports HANA as well as other data sources. Here is a link to some demo’s if you would like to see it in action