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SAP HANA PAL Predict Regression

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Hi All,

I am trying to create a Multi Regression Prediction Model in HANA WEB IDE.


As per the SAP Documentation (HANA 2.0 SP2) , we should be passing 2 Columns in Coefficient Input i.e Variable name and Coefficient Value.

But when i created the flow its asking for 4 Columns

Coefficient Variable Name , Coefficient Value, ID and PMML Model Column.

Have tried multiple Options to build the Flowgraph but nothing is helping in this case.

Options Tried:

1. Tried Deleting ID and PMML_MODEL option but it cant be deleted.

2. Tried passing null value with the help of Projection node.

3. Tried passing 2 values for Coeff variable and values and no mapping for ID and PMML_MODEL.

4. Tried using LR PMML model instead of LR Coefficient Model but same issue.

5. Tried joining both LR Coeff Output and LR PMML Output and then passing it to Forecaset Linear Regression.

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