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SAP HANA Modeling

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Hello Experts,

I have come across a scenario wherein i need to join two tables on the basis of match pattern in SAP HANA Graphical View?

Table A. Table B

Column1. Column2

i want to do a join if string in Table A matches the Column 2 in Table B.

Is it achievable via graphical calculation View.

Thanks In Advance

Active Contributor
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"match" is a very unprecise word in that question ;-). What do you mean exactly, an exact match (aka 100% equal) or a match which matches only a part of the value in the columns?

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Hi Florian,

With match i mean "only a part of a value".

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Hi Prateek,

Here is one strategy I can think of presuming you know what the match pattern is:

Solution is to incorporate below in a Table Function and use it to join with your main calculation view.

If your Column1 string contains a specific detail - eg: Quarter/Year and is stored in different formats eg: 21Q1,Q1FY21,FY21Q1 and it has to be extracted from a string - you will first need to extract this in a separate column via REGEX function in a calculated column. Lets call that CALCULATED_COLUMN1_1.

After extraction, second step is convert this extracted pattern into any standard format needed for the join eg: 21Q1,21Q2,21Q3 in another column CALCULATED_COLUMN1_2.

Third step is consume above table function in your main view and join this CALCULATED_COLUMN1_2 with COLUMN2 in your example to fulfill the join.

Hope this helps!