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SAP HANA hangs



We have an issue with an S/4HANA 2023 system. 

(SAP HANA 2.0 SP 07)

It is working fine but after some time the system becomes slower or does not work at all. When the issues start, I see some alerts in alert files in nameserver and indexserver. I have tried searching in the SAP Notes or google using the keywords but no luck. 

I tried to choose some part of the file which might be helpful and attaching it. 

Kindly asking your support if you have any ideas. 


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I saw some errors regarding the replication configuration.

The operating system where the HANA system is installed was configured according to SAP recommendations? Is the HANA system with the latest patch installed?

SAP have a tool to help process application logs that could help you: (Support Log Assistant)

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Hello, to my best knowledge the system is configured according to the SAP HANA recommendations. The replication configuration logs are strange as there is no replication in this system.