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SAP HANA Graph Recomendations

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We are looking for a possiblity can we do the recomendations using HANA Graph.

Our scenario is when a patient goes to a physician, based on diagnosis(disgnosis code), doctor orders a test.

When doctors orders a test, we need to pull the different tests based on diagnosis code.

Can this be done using HANA Graph Engine? Do we need to use any specific action for recommendations in calculation scenario?



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Finding "recommended" tests for a given set of symptoms - note that the diagnosis is usually the result of a series of tests and interpretation of the test results and other inputs - is commonly a matter of following the valid standard clinical operating procedures and medical guidelines of the local legislation.

It's not so much a problem of matching the input (symptoms) to recommended tests but rather to

  • have the current valid procedure guidelines ready
  • ensure that the guidelines are kept updated and verified by the medical responsible body
  • keep track of the clinician's decision and reasoning for prescribing or not prescribing tests (i.e. some tests may be expensive and may not add much diagnostic value even though they could apply to the set of symptoms).

So, whether or not you use a graph structure (which, by the way, has nothing to do with the GEOSPATIAL HANA capabilities that you tagged this question for) doesn't really make a huge difference for any clinical application. In the end, you have to traverse a (relatively limited) space of business rules that can be represented in many different ways.

But sure, you could use a graph and the graph engine for that - even though I don't see any immediate benefits by doing that.