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SAP HANA Database Explorer not available

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Hey guys,

after a long break I tried to work on my SAP Server againt, but I wasn't able to connect Hana Studio with my Database Server. Also the Database Explorer and the HANA XS Advanced Cockpit are also not available anymore. I checked the Server on the Terminal with the Command "HDB info" and got following results on the ports. (Instance Number is "90")

hdbadm 3910 3750 10.8 5615116 3642296 \_ hdbindexserver -port 39003
hdbadm 3912 3750 2.2 2571832 1345740 \_ hdbscriptserver -port 39043
hdbadm 4224 3750 1.1 1583052 352556 \_ hdbdiserver
hdbadm 4226 3750 1.1 1581132 345472 \_ hdbdiserver -port 39040

Could be, that there is a port missing? I already restarted the server with the command "HDB start"

The last time the Database Explorer worked was on that URL Adress:


Thank you for the help. If there are any information missing, feel free to ask me.

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