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SAP GUI Scripts Recorder not available anymore - What are the alternatives?



Very simple question: How can we create scripts from scratch?

In the past we were able to use the scripts recorder. We can't anymore.

What alternatives are available to overcome this problem?

We can still run scripts but not record them.

Please feedback.

Thank you.


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Hello @ptuga,

this is a strange situation, you could not record scripts but play them back. As @rspecht has already written, there is no way around it. If recording is not permitted in the backend, you cannot use it. Talk to your administrator, otherwise you will have to collect everything by hand. There is no alternative.

Best regards

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@stefan_schnell: Thank you very much for your answer. That was my expectation, unfortunately. The administration decided to block the recording but still allow for playing scripts for the moment. Apparently, security issues which seems un-logical assuming that playing would be considered the dangerous action. Any good arguments why to block this?