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SAP GUI options configuration file editable versus read only

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I have my SAP GUI 8.00 where I can change the path to local configuration files (and also the file on Server), but my colleague has these fields read only after running a script given in a training session yesterday.

For me:


For my colleague (sorry, it's in French, it's SAP GUI 8.00 also; it was editable before the training session):


Do you know how it can become read-only?

I have read the SAP GUI 8.00 administration guide but I couldn't find any information.



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Sandra,

unfortunately, you cut off the screenshots.
These files are read-only for example if you define the SAP UI Landscape file via an environment variable.
If you set for example:
set SAPLOGON_LSXML_FILE=C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common\SAPUILandscape.xml
SAP Logon will consider this the central landscape file and disable the respective fields.

So, I would check the environment variables.

Best regards,