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SAP GUI 8.00 Command Line Installation

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I am trying to install SAPGUI 8.00 using the SAP Front-End Installation Self Extractor via Command Line, however when i run the following command to install just the SAPGUI, I am not represented with any products/nothing installs.

"%~dp0GUI800_2-80006342.exe" /silent /product="SAPGUI"

If i run it without the product paramater, every product installs which not what we want. we only require sapgui to install.

i have got the command line parameters from the installation guide, however this does not seem to be working.

Any suggestions ?

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Community Manager
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if you are in SAP GUI (64bit), the following command will work

"%~dp0GUI800_2-80006342.exe" /silent /product=Product="SAPGUI64"

if you are in SAP GUI (32bit), the following command will work

"%~dp0GUI800_2-80006342.exe" /silent /product="SAPGUI"

Hope my answer will help you

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Yes it worked, thanks.