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SAP GUI 7.50 Theme/Colour per client

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I installed new 7.50 release of SAP GUI

We still use SAP Signature Theme in my company, this is because in SAP GUI Configuration we set a different colour per system.

According to note 2417687 ...

  • Blue Crystal Theme:
  • Blue Crystal design is the new default theme
  • New Blue Crystal color themes can be set per system and client like already known from Signature Design

Praise be that SAP gave us this feature back, now we will be able to use Blue Crystal but have different colours per SID, so we quickly know if we are in DEV/QAS/PRD etc

How do I set the blue crystal theme with different colours per system ID?

I don't see this option in SAP GUI Configuration


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Just to add that this can be customized per client also.

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No, this does not change the color for the client. All client's in the SID are changed to the last color change, regardless of which client you've made the change in. Too bad SAP couldn't allow this to work.