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SAP GUI 7.50 - SAP R/3 - Excel macro fails

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Hello all,

We have a process that uses Excel files that have VBA macro code that logs into SAP and then executes a function module by RFC to validate the data in the file.

Since installing the 750 GUI, from 740, we are experiencing an error in the VBA code RFC_NOT_FOUND.

I am connecting and processing via BDC table but when I get to ""

it blows up with above exception. Does anyone have examples of what I need to change in the vb code to get this working ?

I have read several notes that talk about replacing the classical RFC with NWRFC. But I haven't read anything that gives the details about how to do that. 2417687 2256415 1025361

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Answers (2)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Timothy,

Make sure you try with the latest SAPGUI 7.50 patch 7. There are quite some RFC related issues that are fixed with the latest patch.

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I am at patch level 7 and this is not fixing the issue