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SAP Fiori leave request App - calendar not showing requested leaves

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Hi all,

the topic pretty much much says it.

We have setup sap fiori leave request and approval app on HCM ERP6 Enhp 6 with HR renewal 1.0

we have configured SAP Fiori leave request and approval app and it works fine. - the ess user can send leave requests and the line manager can approve and reject them.

There is, however, an issue with the calendar of the ess user. It is not showing any leaves, not approved ones, not the rejected ones and also not the ones still pending.

Can anyone direct me on to where I could find a solution to this behavior? I searched Google and SCN but could not find anything so far.

help is greatly appreciated


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We are facing the same issue.

Any answer/help regarding this would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much,


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Hi Pau,

unfortunately I did not receive any answer so far 😞

Problem still exists.



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Hi Christian,

did you find any solution for the missing calender marks? We are facing the same problem too.

Best regards.