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SAP Fiori launch page became blank after updating the support packages

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Hi all,

Our Fiori's launchpad became blank during the support package updation for the components SRA016 and SRA017. We are unable to access the applications now. Before the updation we were able to access the launch page and the applications.

Please see the screenshots below.

This issue happened while we were updating the components SRA016 and SRA017 with their latest support packages (SP level 4). The launchpad was working when these components have the support packages with level 3.  Please guide me to the right path to resolve this issue.

Also please find the details of the components installed in our system below.

SRA0016000-Purchase contract approval odata intergr
SRA0026000-Time recording / Timesheet OData integra
SRA0036001SAPK-60001INSRA003Create Travel Expenses OData Integration Component
SRA0046000-Travel Request Create OData integration
SRA0066000-Payslip lookup OData integration compone
SRA0076000-My Benefits enrollment OData integration
SRA0086000-Travel Expense Approval OData integratio
SRA0096000-Travel Request Approval OData integratio
SRA0106000-Staffing list OData integration componen
SRA0126002SAPK-60002INSRA012My Department Spend
SRA0136005SAPK-60005INSRA013Create Purchase Order from Released Purchase Req. OData Integration Component
SRA0166004SAPK-60004INSRA016Price and Availability Check OData Integration Component
SRA0176004SAPK-60004INSRA017Create Purchase Order OData Integration Component
SRA0186004SAPK-60004INSRA018Purchase Order Status Tracking OData Integration Component
SRA0196002SAPK-60002INSRA019Track Shipment OData Integration Component
SRA0206004SAPK-60004INSRA020Purchase Order Status (In Process, Approved)
SRA0216003SAPK-60003INSRA021Customer Invoices OData Integration Component
UISRA0011002SAPK-10002INUISRA001HTML 5 Purchase contract approval
UISRA0021003SAPK-10003INUISRA002HTML5 Time Recording
UISRA0031003SAPK-10003INUISRA003HTML5 Create Travel Expense
UISRA0041003SAPK-10003INUISRA004HTML5 Create Travel Requests
UISRA0061004SAPK-10004INUISRA006HTML5 My Payslips
UISRA0071003SAPK-10003INUISRA007HTML5 My Benefits Enrollment
UISRA0081004SAPK-10004INUISRA008HTML5 Approve Travel Expenses
UISRA0091004SAPK-10004INUISRA009HTML5 Approve Travel Requests
UISRA0101004SAPK-10004INUISRA010HTML5 Staffing List
UISRA0111004SAPK-10004INUISRA011HTML5 Create Shopping Cart
UISRA0121004SAPK-10004INUISRA012HTML5 My Department Spend
UISRA0131005SAPK-10005INUISRA013UISRA013 100: Add-On Installation
UISRA0141001SAPK-10001INUISRA014HTML5 Create Purchase Order for MRO
UISRA0161002SAPK-10002INUISRA016HTML5 Price and Availability Check
UISRA0171003SAPK-10003INUISRA017HTML5 Create Order
UISRA0181004SAPK-10004INUISRA018HTML5 Order Status Tracking
UISRA0191003SAPK-10003INUISRA019HTML5 Track Shipments
UISRA0201005SAPK-10005INUISRA020HTML5 Change Order (Address/Delivery Date)
UISRA0211002SAPK-10002INUISRA021HTML5 Invoice (My Bills) Including Display



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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Anson,

You use old architecture UI components UISRA* which were released 1 year ago.
Please use new UI components.

Regards, Masa
SAP Customer Experience Group - CEG

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Thanks for the reply.

I am aware about this fact. Since we have started implementing Fiori, it will be difficult for us to discard it half way and proceed with the new launch pad. I have started updating the support packages for each component and the launch pad became blank when I applied 4th level support packages for the components SRA016 and SRA017.

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Not sure if this is the exact same issue, but we had a similar issue when we upgraded the User Interface Add-on that caused the Launchpage to stop working and I believe it failed on the same OData call.

To resolve the error we had to clear out the UI2 Cache using the program /UI2/DELETE_CACHE.  This was a lab instance, so we went ahead and deleted the cache for all of the users.  You can look at the /UI2/CACHE table to see what is currently there and what OData service URLs you have a cache for.

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Hi Philips,

Thanks for the response.

Are you mentioning about the launch pad URL ?

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Not sure I understand your question.  We had the same issue with the Launchpage URL that you are showing.  Not launchpad, that is a separate UI.  When we opened the Launchpage URL it showed blank and had an error like yours on the PAGE_BUILDER_PERS Odata service I believe if I can remember correctly.

If you have this problem on a Test instance, I recommend simply running the /UI2/DELETE_CACHE program and entering the UserID that is seeing the issue to delete the cache for all services stored against that userid and trying to view the launchpage again.  If that doesn't work, then I recommend clearing the cache for all user ids in the /UI2/CACHE table and trying again.

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Hi Philip,

I have executed the program /UI2/DELETE_CACHE with my user id and cleared all related cached data in the table /UI2/CACHE. After that I have cleared my browser's cache and tried to access the launchpad, but still the tiles are unavailable.

Also I want to point out one thing that I can see the login page and I am able to provide my user details in the screen. The real problem starts after clicking the logon button, the application tiles are not present in the screen. I found the following error while trying this.