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SAP Fiori Extention: Cannot read property 'startupParameters' of undefined

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Hi Experts,

At a customer, we face the following problem:

When creating a simple extention in the WebIDE, based on the standard Fiori app my team calendar (HCM_TEAM_CAL), we get the following error when opened in the Fiori Launchpad:

The problem is similar as in this discussion (only here it's for the My Team Calendar and not for My Leave Requests).

This customer has recently upgraded to SP4, and since then we receive this error.

Any help is welcome!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This seems to be introduced with SP upgrade. 

Pls check below SAP note for similar issue with My Timesheet application, and look for if any note related to 'My Team calendar' app.

2216343 - My Timesheet V2(launchpad): Escalation fix on top of SP02


Madhu Sudhan

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We have changed the Launchpad customizing and now it is working.

Very important, always check the Additional Information to use SAPUI5.Component=<your_resource_roots> for the extention.


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