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SAP Fiori Elements Action button that invokes a CDS Function (not an Action)?

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In a post that I recently wrote (, a question has arisen that I have not been able to clarify in the comments and that I have decided to raise in a separate publication. It is precisely what I outline in the title of this post.

I am writing an SAP CAP + SAP Fiori Elements app, and I want to put, in my UI, a button that invokes/calls a CDS function (not an Action) defined in my CAP services.

From the examples I've seen, and from the responses I received in the post I quoted earlier, it is indicated to use annotations like the following:

$Type : 'UI.DataFieldForAction',
Action : 'AdminService.EntityContainer/sendmail', // --->> would it work if sendmail was a function?
Label : '{i18n>sendmail}'

However, here is my specific question: Does this work for CDS functions (ie sendmail was a function and not an action)?

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Hi Isaac,

I think you need to file an incident via SAP Support on this topic. The documentation for DataFieldForAction defines for the Action: "Qualified name of an Action, Function, ActionImport or FunctionImport in scope". So a function should also be supported. I've tried in my sample project and added an function to my Orders Entity:

feat: add call to function

Interresting thing is that this function isn't invoked when using SAPUI5 1.96. But it works when using SAPUI5 1.105.0. But there only with OData V2.

So I suggest you file an incident via SAP support providing my sample.

Best Regards

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Tested this and functions doesn't seem to trigger in js handler in SAPUI5 v1.124.0, CDS V7.9.2. Actions and manually calling a function works