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SAP File System Layout on Solaris 10

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Dear All,

We are in the process of implementing SAP in our organisation. SAP software involves ECC 6.0 SR 3 on Solaris 10 with Oracle DB 10. Below is the mentioned server details

Sun SPARC Enterprise M3000 server. Includes 1, quad-core,2.52GHz SPARC64 VII Processor (1 CPU board with 1 CPU & 5MB on-chip L2 10-way cache), and 16GB system memory (1 memory module with 4*4GB DDR2 DIMMs), 2 * 146GB SAS hard disks.

We want to design the file system layout and the space requirements on the Solaris server and the parameters to set after installation.

Can any one of you suggest the swap space, mount point and system layout? Or suggest some materials for the recommended values?

Thank You


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Thank You All for the help provided

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If you are planning to install non-production (Dev or Sandbox) system, then the fileyststem design and space metioned below is sufficient,

Swap Space

3 to 4 * RAM (Min. 20GB)


1) SAP Filesystems

/<sapmnt>/<SAPSID> Software and data for SAP system CI 3GB


/usr/sap/<SAPSID> Instance-specific data CI 4GB


/usr/sap/trans Global transport directory 1GB

2) Oracle Filesystems

/oracle Oracle base directory DB 0.05GB

/oracle/client Oracle client software. DB 0.1GB

/oracle/stage/102_64 Installation and upgrade directory DB 5.5GB

/oracle/<DBSID> Home directory of user ora<dbsid>. DB 0.1GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/102_64 Home directory for Oracle DB 4GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/origlogA Original set A of redo logs DB 0.2GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/origlogB Original set B of redo logs DB 0.2GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/mirrlogA Mirrored set A of redo logs DB 0.2GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/mirrlogB Mirrored set B of redo logs DB 0.2GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/oraarch Oracle offline redo logs. DB 0.4GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/sapreorg Working directory for DB Admin DB 1.5GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/sapdata1 SAP data DB 22GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/sapdata2 SAP data DB 22GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/sapdata3 SAP data DB 20GB

/oracle/<DBSID>/sapdata4 SAP data DB 20GB

Note: Pls ignore SCS filesystem reuirement if want to install ABAP stack only.

Refer Note 1169802 for further details.

If you want to install production system, you will need to do the hardware sizing using Quick-Sizer to come up with disk-space requirement.

Hope this info helps you.



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Along with the suggestion provided by Anjali and Sheik, you can further look into below link where you can get a pictorial view of SAP directory structure...

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Hello Vishal,

check these notes:

a) Note 724713 - parameter settings for Solaris 10

b) Note 832871 - SAP relevant patches for Solaris 10 on SPARC

c) Note 870652 - Installation of SAP in a Solaris Zone ( if you are planning for Virtualization)

d) Note 838240 - Oracle Database 10g: Operating Systems Requirements Solaris

e) check for ulimit value.



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Well, the best place is the 'Installation Guides' at SAP service marketplace

you will get everything, what kind of system layout, how many mountpoints , swap space etc you need for Sun SPARC