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SAP ERP EHP5 +Windows 200rr2+Oracle 12.1+MSCS(OFS 4.1) Upgrade problem

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Dear ALL,

Now we have A ERP EHP5 on Windows 2008r2 , Oracle 12.1 on MSCS cluster with OFS 4.1 ,we want to upgrade the OS and keep All system information same as old. How to upgrade it to Windows 2012 or more higer . we have tried upgrading with in place method, it was failed because the MCSE can't be upgrade to Win2012 directly. so my question is , if i want to upgrade and keep all system information same as old system, for exameple, IP Address, Hostname, SYSID and so on. is it possible? i double , if it can be upgrade successfully , even if i shut down the old system when setup new servers with former infomation (ip ,hostname), because the all instllaton is relative the domain, for example , the SIDADM of OS . now i don't how to upgrade ?

anyone have experence for this, thanks


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Hi Roger.

On windows OS upgrade is not advised because you are running OS end of support, you may not get any support from Microsoft, we are recently migrated our SAP BI system from windows 2008 R2 to Windows 2016 with MS Sql 2016, We have created the test systems as two VM's with Windows failover cluster in 2016 along with DB 2016, build the SAP on cluster, In this task you can notidown the over all timing to take the downtime in the produtuion environment.



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Hello Roger,

in-place upgrade on Windows cluster node works only as of Windows Server 2012 R2. See SAP note 2419847-Support of Windows in-place upgrade in Failover Cluster environments.

Your have several options:

1. Use SWPM systemcopy to move your system to another host. Use export / import for the database.

2. "uncluster" the HA system which makes, live with the risk of having no HA system anymore. Then you can in-place upgrade this to Windows Server 2012 R2. This is a lot of work, and it's risky.

3. Create a brand, new cluster on different hardware (or using different VMs). Install the ASCS with a new hostname, same with Ora Failsafe ... etc. This is similar to install a "new" system. Then, on a weekend, "switch" from the old to the new system. A lot of work, this must be tested (!). Advantage: If new cluster does not work for any reason, you can easy switch to the old one. Minimum risk.

In all cases it is much work and you should start with a QA cluster (hope you have one) first to be aware of the many manual steps which are necessary.

Best regards,