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SAP EP Learning curve

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Hi All,

What is the learning curve for SAP EP?

Actually i was the JAVA Developer.

Thanks in advance.


A. Krishna Mohan

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Answers (2)

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Hi Krishna Mohan,

I would suggest to understand the architectures and features what SAP EP offers. As you are java developer EP content development will be much easier for you.time frame depends on how well u understand the concepts.

You can always get trained from SAP.

There is good documentation in SDN.

1. Just start from Enterprise Portal

2. There are e-learing in EP which gives u good idea from presentations.

3. Same thing for Knowledge management, you can find more links under quick links & e-learning section under KM.

4. There is a very good search in SDN, just specify the name and you get to see many documents for the same concept you are trying to look.

5. Simultaneously follow

And you should be all set to know EP. Everything is in SDN. Just find it. Any question, raise it in Forum. SDN forums are the best forums you can ever find.

6.You can always get trained from SAP. SAP training courses are very good too.

Hope this helps.



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