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SAP EP Installation

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Hi Friends,

Kind of new to NDP's. Have a few queries.

1) Is it Possible to install EP withour ECC6?

2) While installing EP does it ask for key which is generated through Solution Manager.

3) Could someone guide me with the ideal way to install EP?

4) Does EP have all the functionalities on ECC6?

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Thanks gents

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ad 1:

EP is part of SAP NetWeaver 7.0. There are several IT scenarios of SAP NetWeaver that make use of portal functionality. The master guide guides you through the available IT scenarios und gives you detailed information on how to install these IT scenarios. You will find the master guide for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 under

ad 2:

The use of Solution Manager to create a key is mandatory. You should alos use the Solution Manager to configure your systems after the installation. With the help of the Solution Manager you can cretae project specific configuration guides with only those configuration tasks listed that you really need for your project.

ad 3:

please refer to the above mentioned master guide

ad 4:

EP is part of SAP NetWeaver. Therefore it does not contain full functionality of SAP ECC 6.0.

best regards


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Hi carsten

I have a simple but confusing doubt

in a diubble stack central installation would there be 2 message servers (when other Application instances also double stack installation).

thanks in advance


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Hi praveen

for the 1st question the answer is yes u can install EP without ECC6 thatz standalone java

2nd : it does ask for sol man key from 7.00 version onwards

3rd : is the website where u can get all the installation/upgrades.

4th: please do expand ur question

thanks and Regards


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Could Someone also give a complete List of products that come under Netweaver.