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SAP Enterprise Connector in development component

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I want to use the SAP Enterprise Connector in a development component (EJB). Does someone know, which DCs are required for that? Help is only on *.jar to import in Class Path.

I tried to add all DCs I have in a Web Dynpro DC, which also uses RFC, but then the following types are still undefined:

When I add DC those types are resolved, but then this is deprecated in my version 7.10 SP 7?!

What is the non deprecated version?

Another question I have, can I use something like in Web Dynpro to configure the RFC destination on the server and not in code? I see in Netweaver Administration the RFC destinations... How do I use this?

Okay found for that:

By the way, it would have been helpful to give the DC to be used in that help. Half of the documentation gives only java packages and not both, DCs and JAR Libraries...

Thx for any help,


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Hi Frank,

I'm with same problems with RFC 2 on NetWeaver, so I've opened a call on SAP Support site to get information abou SAP Connector and RFC 3, but still no response.

So, i can help you with some thing, currently I'm verifying to forms of connect my EJBs with SAP, using Web Services (Proxies generated by Developer Studio, like SAP Connector proxies) and SAPJRA, I'm thinking abou to test plain JCO 3 too.

Destination Service API can be found on DC ENGFACADE->tc/bl/security/destionations/api

To JCO 3, I'm thinking to create a External Library DC.

Best regards

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A friend forwarded me this internal Message (Names removed):


I have a question about migration from JCo2 to JCo3.

Up to now we use JCo2 with NWDS 7.0 and we are generating the stubs via

SAP Enterprise Connector. During the last weeks, I migrated a project to

NWDS 7.10. However, it was not possible to eliminate the deprecated

package as this is used by SAP Enterprise


My question is: Is it possible to migrate to JCo3 and still use SAP

Enterprise Connector or what is the recommended way to generate stubs

for JCo3?




unfortunally there is no replacement for the proxi generation.

So you may use "plain" JCo API or java resource adaptor.

Best Regards


Its what I expected and feared. Leftover with a non working something in the middle. I will have a look with ARFC2 now... With Web Dynpro Model (fortunately an alternative for me, but from the architecture point a nightmare) I have other problems... So lets see

Many thanx for your answer anyway!