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SAP ECC DR setup on sybase

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Hello All,

Im planning to setup DR setup for ECC. Current environment is HPUX and Sybase. I have few queries to setup DR server. It would be helpful to me if some one suggest.

1. Current landscape is on cluster and is it mandatory to have my dr site as cluster or standalone installation can work?

2. I would like to know if i setup SAP sybase replication server if my primary server goes down, do i need to switch on DR server manually or switching will be done automatically?

3. As per sap note 1891560 "In a failover scenario, the SAP application connections are switched to the standby database. Transactions generated on the standby database continue to be saved by the replication server until the primary database comes back online. Once the primary database returns to service, the saved standby database transactions are released and applied to the primary host."

Will this be done automatically or any other post processing is required to switch back to primary instance like restore of DR to primary?.

4. In installation it is not mentioned about SAP instance at DR site and only mentioned about database instance installation. Do i need to install first SAP on DR site using system copy?

Please help me on this.



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