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I am looking  for some information and understand about the usage and enablement  of SAP MDG DQM functionality without using SAP MDG and consolidation features in SAP S4 HANA 1909 and later.  I would like to know 

  1. Is it possible to use SAP MDG DQM for products and its associated apps for performing product master evaluation?
  2. IF yes, then do we need to enable the business functions of SAP MDG or is there any configuration guide?
  3. I also read that there is a solution for SAPDQM on SAP S4 HANA but this is only for customers and suppliers? Then how does this solution differs from SAP MDG DQM.



Pavan Bhamidipati

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Question 1: Yes, you can use all MDG DQM apps without using the classic central governance functionality of change requests. MDG DQM is based on the process data model, which is used for consolidation and mass processing.

Question 2: To use data quality evaluations you need to ensure that an evaluation process based on the process model can run. The configuration is described here 

You can omit all steps that are specific to consolidation or mass processing. 
The configuration of data quality management is described here.
Mainly, you need to configure the FIori Apps.
To use data quality evaluations you need to import the corresponding process template. 
To use the full capabilities of DQM (validation rules for checking during data entry, derivation scenarios to derive data) you need the apps for consolidation and mass processing as well.